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NEC Unified Solutions offers comprehensive communications solutions for your organization.

Business CommunicationsBusiness Communications
Complete communications solutions that focus on the requirements of intermediate-sized businesses, especially businesses that are expanding both in physical growth and in communications requirements.

Small OfficeSmall Office
Complete communications solutions targeted to small businesses and small offices of larger organizations, typically incorporating key systems or all-in-one server solutions.

Associated with these broader communications solutions, NEC Unified Solutions also offers solutions for specific business communications needs:

IP TelephonyIP Telephony
Addresses the incorporation of IP telephony into existing communications systems to enable the cost savings afforded by converged infrastructures.

Remote Workers/Home OfficeRemote Workers/Home Office Applications that enable complete communications capabilities at any location - in the main office, at a remote office or at home.

Voice Mail & Unified MessagingVoice Mail & Unified Messaging
Voice Mail and Unified Messaging solutions that enable employees to productively manage personal messaging, including voice mail and e-mail.
Solutions that provide geographically distributed systems a range of interaction capabilities, from simple connectivity to seamless, transparent operation as a single system.
Attendant Call ManagementAttendant Call Management
Appropriate tools to enable the attendant or receptionist to quickly and correctly direct each call.
In-building wireless solutions that make it possible for employees to be mobile without being out of touch.




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